Ohh SNAP!  We Really Messed Up!

(September 2016) – The short story… Our servers failed, and we lost nearly EVERYTHING! But the good news is, we’re recreating (and greatly improving) the website that millions of you use every year! More good news… You can instantly download our database of sound effects for only $4.00 –  Yes! Really!  –>

Not only do you get all the sound effects for a crazy low price, but you’re helping to fund the site redesign! Consider it a donation! We’re bootstrapping here… We’re not some big beefy business… we’re just little guys with a free-to-use hobby website with tons fans!

Have no fear… We’ll be back up and running soon!

More Details on What Happened

Hello everyone!  We are incredibly sorry for the site being down for a while. We have received many messages from our fans and users in the last few weeks who use our website often in professional arenas such as radio stations and countless visual/audio performance atmospheres.

SoundFXNow has been running successfully for over 7 years, with over 50 million unique page views to our site over that time! That’s an incredible feat! We attribute much of that to our unique sound grid technology. A highly useful tool for accessing and playing a large database of sounds instantly and easily.

Unfortunately we had a horrible failure of our servers and lost virtually everything! The backup system that we relied on to retain periodic updates also had failed much earlier, and without our knowledge.

While this is absolutely tragic to the current status of SoundFXNow, we do have some good news! We will be rebuilding everything from the ground up, still enabling the sound grid foundation we were best known for, but so much more!

In some ways, this failure is a blessing in disguise to motivate and force us to recreate the website, but with some great improvements. For instance, our previous design was not at all designed to work with mobile platforms. Since our original concept, the mobile platform has become the predominant interface for the public reaction with the web. So we are taking that to heart and making our site useful and responsive, not only for desktop computers, but also tablet and mobile. We are also making the site search features more comprehensive and quick.

We are not sure exactly when we will have everything available for public use again, but rest assured… We’re working on it!

In the meantime, if you would like to have our public database of sound effects, you are free to download them. All we ask is for a small donation. This donation is going towards funding the development of the new website, the same way we did with the previous version years ago! Paying a developer to design the unique layout and feature set that makes SoundFXNow so amazing, and as always, free to use for everyone!

Mike Johnson  – SoundFXNow.com