The "Weapons & War" Category

Sound FX of various Weapons, Guns, Bombs, Explosions, Swords, Fighting Sounds, Punches, and more.

Bullet Impact Body

Body Being Hit by Bullet

USP45 Single Gunshot

Single Gunshot from H&K USP45 Handgun

USP45 Handgun Cocking

Cocking a Heckler & Koch USP45 Handgun

Bullet Ricocheting

Bullet Ricochet off Rock or Hard Surface

SPAS12 Shotgun Shot

SPAS12 Shotgun Single Shot

Musket Gunshot

Single Gunshot from Musket

Gatling Gun Firing

5 Seconds of Fire from Gatling Gun

MiniGun Shooting

3 Bursts from a MiniGun

Nuclear Bomb Explosion

Nuclear or Atomic Bomb

SCAR-H Automatic Gunfire

Automatic Gunfire from a SCAR-H Assault Rifle

Single Bullet Ricochet

Bullet Ricocheting

F2000 Single Gunshot

Single Shot from an F2000 Assault Rifle

Cannon Blast

Single Shot from Large Cannon

Tomahawk Throw

Tomahawk being thrown with impact in tree

Famas 3-round Burst

3-Round Burst from Famas Assault Rifle

M93 Raffica Burst

3-Round Burst from a M93 Raffica Handgun