The "Weapons & War" Category

Sound FX of various Weapons, Guns, Bombs, Explosions, Swords, Fighting Sounds, Punches, and more.

Aircraft Alarm Beep

Aircraft Warning Beeps

44 Magnum Handgun

Single Shot from .44 Magnum Handgun

AK-47 Auto Gun Shots

Automatic Fire from and AK-47

AK-47 Cocking

An AK-47 Being Cocked

AK-47 Single Shot

Single Shot from an AK-47 High Quality

Gunfire – FN P90

3 Shots from an FN P90

Smack Punch

Punch / Smacking Sound

Barrett 50 Caliber Gun Shot

Single Shot from a Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle

Barrett 50 Caliber Cocking

Cocking Sound from Barret .50 Caliber Rifle

UMP 45 – Auto Fire

Automatic Gunfire from UMP45 Assault Rifle

UMP 45 – Cocking

Cocking a UMP 45

UMP 45 – Single Shot

Single Shot from UMP 45

Explosion With Glass

Big Booming Explosion with Glass Falling

Explosion with Glass

Large Explosion with Glass & Objects

Flame Thrower

3 Bursts from a Flame Thrower Weapon

Bushmaster ACR Shot

Single Round Fired from Bushmaster ACR

Bushmaster ACR Auto

Automatic Fire from a Bushmaster ACR

Desert Eagle Single Shot

Desert Eagle Hand Gun – Single Shot

Gun – FAL Single Shot

Single Gunshot from FAL Rifle

Gun – FAL Cocking

Sound of FAL Rifle Cocking

Distant Explosion

A Very Distant Explosion

TAR-21 Single GunShot

Single Gunshot from TAR-21

TAR-21 Automatic Fire

Automatic Gunfire from Tavor TAR-21

Tavor TAR-21 Cocking

Cocking & Loading Clip – Tavor TAR-21