The "Weapons & War" Category

Sound FX of various Weapons, Guns, Bombs, Explosions, Swords, Fighting Sounds, Punches, and more.

M16 Automatic

Automatic Fire from an M16 Rifle

50 Caliber Gun

A single .50 Caliber Gun Shot w/ shell dropping

M1 Thompson Gun Shot

A single shot from an M1 Thompson submachine gun


Semi-Large Explosion Sound Effect

Fist Fight

2 Punches + “ahh” and “uhh” vocalizations

Submarine Dive Horn

4 Tones of a Submarine Dive Horn


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Short Swooshing Sound Effect

Flyby Swoosh

Flyby Swoosh Sound Effect


Short Woosh Sound Effect

Whoosh Combo

A series of Whoosh Sounds

Swoosh Combo

A Series of Swoosh Sounds

Air Raid Siren

Air Raid Siren (20 Seconds)

Bow & Arrow Impact

Bow & Arrow Shooting and Impact

Submarine Klaxon Horn

“Arooga” Mechanical Klaxon Horn Sound Effect

Punch Fight

Single Hit of a Fist Punch

Hand Slap Face

Hand Slapping a Face “Whack!”

Morse Code Beeps

Morse Code Beeping Sounds

Cannon Shooting Boom

Cannon Shot – Big Boom

Soldiers Marching

Soldiers Marching in Formation

Grenade Explosion

Grenade Explosion “Boom”

Air Raid Siren

Air Raid Attack Siren

Gunshot With Silencer

Suppressed Gunshot – Silencer