The "Weapons & War" Category

Sound FX of various Weapons, Guns, Bombs, Explosions, Swords, Fighting Sounds, Punches, and more.

9MM Handgun

12 Shots from a 9mm Handgun

Machine Gun

Automatic Machine Gun

44 Magnum

1 Single Shot from .44 Magnum Handgun

Lo-Fi Bomb Explosion

Cheesy Bomb Explosion

357 Magnum

AK-47 Machine Gun

Low-quality Auto-fire from AK-47

Flying Arrow Boing

Bang Bang Boom

Mortars Exploding

Automatic Gun Bursts

Submarine Dive Alarm

Submarine diving alarm

Sword Stab & Splatter

Sword Stabbing and Blood Splatter Sounds

Sword Clank 2

Sword Clank 3

Sword Clank 4

Sword Clank 5

Sword Clank 6

Sword Clank 7

Sword Clank

Sword Sharpening

Sword Hit and Slide

Sword Stabbing Bloody

Shotgun Cocking

12-gauge Shotgun Cocking

Shotgun Shoot & Cock

Shotgun shooting and reloading / cocking