The "Video Game Sounds" Category

Sounds and Bytes from Various Video Games and Computer Games from the Present and Past.

Super Mario Shell Kick

Sound Effect when Mario kicks a Turtle Shell

Super Mario Brick Break

Sound of Mario Breaking a Brick

Mario Unbreakable Brick

Sound of Mario hitting an Unbreakable Brick

Mario Castle Theme Song

Super Mario Brothers Castle Theme Song

Duke Nukem 002

Duke Nukem saying “Blow it out your ass”

Duke Nukem 005

Duke Nukem saying “Damn You’re Ugly”

Super Mario Stomp

Super Mario Jumping onto an Enemy

Super Mario Fireball

Super Mario Shooting a Fireball

Super Mario Jumping

Super Mario Jumping Sound

Mario Stage Complete

Stage Complete Song in Super Mario Bros.

Dig Dug Dies – Game Over

Sound Effect when Dig Dug dies

Dig Dug Music

Normal Play Music in Dig Dug Video Game

Dig Dug Urgent Music

Dig Dug Video Game Running out of Time Music

Duke Nukem 003

Duke Nukem saying “Come Get Some”

Duke Nukem 004

Duke Nukem saying “Damn That Was Annoying”

Duke Nukem 006

Duke Nukem saying “Die you son of a bitch”

Street Fighter Hadouken

Ryu from Street Fighter saying “Hadouken”

Street Fighter Shouryuuken

Ryu from Street Fighter saying “Shouryuuken”

Gameshow Bell Dinging

Gameshow Bell Dinging