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Audio Clips and Excerpts from Television Shows and Movies

Dos Equis – Stay Thirsty

Dos Equis Commercial “Stay Thirsty My Friends”

Dramatic Prairie Dog

“Duh Duh Duh” Drama Sound

Dramatic Chipmunk

“dun dun dun” Dramatic Chipmunk Sound


“Duhn Duhn Duhn” Cliffhanger Drama

Kill Bill Drama Sound

The “Kill Bill” Movie Fight Drama Sound

Duh Duh Duh Drama

“Duh Duh Duh” Drama Sound Remake

Scary Movie Stinger

Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Horror Movie Stinger

Scary Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Cinematic Stinger

A Cinematic Stinger or Stab Sound

Debbie Downer Wah Wah

“Wah Wah” – Debbie Downer Horn Sound

Debbie Downer Horn

Debbie Downer “Wha Wha” Sound

Transformers Transform

Transformers Transforming Sound

Airwolf Theme Song

Remake of the Airwolf Theme Song

Cinematic Rising Stinger

Rising Stinger / Stab Sound – Startling Sound In Movie

Beverly Hills Cop Theme

Remake of the Beverly Hills Cop Theme

Horror Movie String

Scary Movie Climax Sound

The Most Interesting Man

“The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Scary Movie Scene Stinger

Scary Movie Stinger

Windows – To The Cloud

Microsoft’s “To The Cloud” Sound Effect

Doctor Who TARDIS

Doctor Who TARDIS Sound

Silent Library – Failure

“That was a failure of Epic Proportions, UNACCEPTABLE!”

Doctor Who Screwdriver

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Kung Pow Lot of Nuts

“That’s a Lot of Nuts”

Suspense Chord

Suspenseful Orchestra Chord