Sounds Tagged ‘Sports’

Boxing Bell Ding

Boxing Bell Ding Sound Effect

Charge Bugle

Trumpet / Bugle “Charge!” Sound

Fight Bell

Fighting / Boxing Bell dinging 3 times.

Bowling Pins

Bowling Pins Being Knocked Down

Golf Ball Falling In Hole

Sound Effect of a Golf Ball Falling Into A Hole

Golf Club Swing

Golf Club Swinging Sound Effect

Golf Ball Hit

Sound Effect of a Golf Ball Being Hit

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Michael Buffer saying “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”

Vuvuzela Horn

Single Tone of a Vuvuzela Horn

Applause – Large Crowd

Large Crowd Applause

Bowling Pins Falling

Bowling Pins Falling Down

Fishing Pole Cast – Splash

Casting a Fishing Pole with Splash

Referee Whistle

Referee Blowing Whistle in Sports Game