Sounds Tagged ‘sound’

Fart – Rise n’ Shine

Short Fart that Rises in Tone

Fart – Artificial Flatulence

Fake Fart

Fart – The Pipsqueak!

Short and High-pitched Fart Sound Effect

Fart – Failed Expectations

Very Short and Tiny Fart Sound Effect

Fart – Grandma Doesn’t Care

Grandma Let’s Them Go at the Dinner Table

Fart – Wall Shaker

A Big and Loud Fart

Fart – The Dog Did It

A Short Airy Fart Sound Effect

Fart – The One-Man-Band

Choppy, Multi-tonal fart

Fart – Early Riser

Rising Fart Sound Effect

Crying Baby

Vocalized Baby Crying Sound Recording

Medium Crowd Boo

Medium Sized Crowd Booing

Camera Shutter Click

3 Clicks of a Film Camera Shutter

Film Camera Click

Single Shot of a Film Camera Shutter Click

Blow on Bottle

Toot Sound of Blowing on an Empty Bottle

Airplane Chime Ding Dong

“Ding Dong” Sound in Commercial Airplanes

Car Crash

Car Skidding and Crashing

Champagne Cork Pop

Champagne Bottle Cork Pop & Pouring into Glass

Train Railroad Crossing

Train Horn & Crossing Bells

Truck Horn Honking

Large Truck Horn Honking

Electric Typewriter

Letter Being Typed on an Electric Typewriter

Traffic – Horns Honking

Multiple Car Horns Honking in a Traffic Jam

Squishy Splat

Squishy Splatter Sound Effect

Car Alarm Chirp Chirp

“Chirp Chirp” Car Alarm Arming

Car Alarm Disarm

Disarming & Arming Chirp Sound of a Car Alarm