Sounds Tagged ‘Sound Effect’


Swing & Miss “Whiffing” Sound

Sad Trombone Wah Wah

Sad Trombone – “Wah Wah Wah Waaah”

Shiny Ding

Shiny Ding Sound


A Man Sneezing

Charge Bugle

Trumpet / Bugle “Charge!” Sound

Crickets Chirping

Typical lo-fi sound effect of crickets chirping

357 Magnum

Mid size Dog Barking

Mid-sized Dog Barking

Large Dog Barking

1 Bark from a Large Dog

Small Dog Barking

Sound of a Small Dog Barking

Little Dog Barking

Sound of a Little Dog Barking

Dog Barking Ruff

Single “Ruff” of a Medium Sized Dog Barking

Wheel Of Fortune Bankrupt

The Bankrupt whistle sound on Wheel of Fortune Gameshow

Crickets 1

More crickets chirping

Dig Dug Video Game Theme

Sound effect from the video game “Dig Dug”.

Shotgun Cocking

12-gauge Shotgun Cocking

Record Backspin

Record Backspin / Rewind

Bug Flying Buzz

Sound of a bug flying – buzzing sound

Emergency Vehicle Siren

Emergency Vehicle Siren

Turkey SFX

Turkey Gobble Sound


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Short Swooshing Sound Effect

Flyby Swoosh

Flyby Swoosh Sound Effect