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CSI – Epic One Liner

When Horatio Caine says a catchy / Epic One Liner in “CSI Miami”


Sound effect from the video game “Robotron”

Frogger Video Game Theme

Theme song from the video game “Frogger”

Galaga Theme Song

Theme song from the video game “Galaga”

Ms Pacman Intermission

The intermission song from the video game “Ms. Pacman”

Pacman Theme Song

The theme song from the vintage video game “Pacman”

Pole Position Theme Song

Theme song from the vintage video game “Pole Position”

Bird – Cardinal

Cardinal Bird Chirping

Quagmire Theme Song

Glenn Quagmire Intro Song

Suspenseful Piano Music

Suspenseful Piano Song

Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box – Pop goes the Weasel

Airwolf Theme Song

Remake of the Airwolf Theme Song

Child’s Music Box

Child’s Music Box – Winding and Playing

Ghostbusters Theme Song

Ghostbusters Theme Song

Lone Ranger Theme Song

Theme Song to “The Lone Ranger”

Morning Mood – Serenity

Serenity Song – Morning Mood (Peer Gynt)

Austin Powers Theme

Austin Powers Theme Song

Back To The Future Theme

Theme Song for “Back to the Future”

Indiana Jones Theme Song

Indiana Jones Theme Song

Battlestar Galactica Theme

Battlestar Galactica Theme Song

Chariots of Fire Song

“Chariots of Fire” Song Remake

News Broadcast Intro

Intro Song for News Broadcast