Sounds Tagged ‘shoot’

44 Magnum

1 Single Shot from .44 Magnum Handgun

AK-47 Machine Gun

Low-quality Auto-fire from AK-47

Shotgun Shoot & Cock

Shotgun shooting and reloading / cocking

M16 Automatic

Automatic Fire from an M16 Rifle

50 Caliber Gun

A single .50 Caliber Gun Shot w/ shell dropping

Bow & Arrow Impact

Bow & Arrow Shooting and Impact

Cartoon Arrow

Cartoon – Arrow Shooting and Hitting Target

Cannon Shooting Boom

Cannon Shot – Big Boom

AK-47 Auto Gun Shots

Automatic Fire from and AK-47

AK-47 Cocking

An AK-47 Being Cocked

AK-47 Single Shot

Single Shot from an AK-47 High Quality

Gunfire – FN P90

3 Shots from an FN P90

Barrett 50 Caliber Gun Shot

Single Shot from a Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle

Barrett 50 Caliber Cocking

Cocking Sound from Barret .50 Caliber Rifle

Desert Eagle Single Shot

Desert Eagle Hand Gun – Single Shot

Gun – FAL Single Shot

Single Gunshot from FAL Rifle

Super Mario Fireball

Super Mario Shooting a Fireball

FN P90 Single Gunshot

Single Gunshot from an FN P90 Firearm

FN P90 Automatic Gunfire

Automatic Gunfire from FN P90

Glock G18 Single Gunshot

Single Shot from a Glock G18 Handgun

Anti-Aircraft Gun

Large Boom from an Anti-Aircraft Cannon

AA12 Single Gunshot

Single Gunshot from an AA12 Automatic Shotgun

USP45 Single Gunshot

Single Gunshot from H&K USP45 Handgun

Bullet Ricocheting

Bullet Ricochet off Rock or Hard Surface