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Cricket Chirping

Sound Effect of a Cricket Chirping!


Swing & Miss “Whiffing” Sound

Electricity Pulsating

Electricity Buzzing and Pulsating

Electricity Sound

Electricity Humming

Crickets Chirping

Typical lo-fi sound effect of crickets chirping


Electricity 2

Electricity 3

Electricity 4

Electricity 5

Crickets 1

More crickets chirping

Shotgun Cocking

12-gauge Shotgun Cocking

Running Feet

Running Feet – Cartoon Sound Effect

Glass Breaking

Glass Breaking Sound Effect

Thunder Crashing

A Single Crash of Thunder

Record Backspin

Record Backspin / Rewind

Press Your Luck Whammy

Whammy Sound Effect

Emergency Vehicle Siren

Emergency Vehicle Siren

Censored Beep

Kill that BAD WORD with a Censored Beep!

River Water

Water running through a river / stream

Turkey SFX

Turkey Gobble Sound


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Short Swooshing Sound Effect