Sounds Tagged ‘scary’

Female Screaming

Female Screaming Sound Effect

Scary Psycho Stab

Psycho Stab “Shriek Shriek Shriek Shriek”

Gasp – Small Crowd

Very Small Crowd of People Gasping

Nervous Throat Gulp

A Throat Gulping “Gunk”

Evil Laugh

Evil Laughing Sound

Scary Movie Stinger

Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Horror Movie Stinger

Scary Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Cinematic Stinger

A Cinematic Stinger or Stab Sound

Mario Castle Theme Song

Super Mario Brothers Castle Theme Song

Haunted House Song

Scary Haunted House Song (35 Seconds)

Dungeon Water Dripping

Sounds from a Dungeon / Cave

Ghost In Chains

Ghost or Monster in Chains

Ghoul Laughing

Halloween Ghoul Creepy Laughing

Scary Voice – Let Me In

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me In”

Scary Voice – Let Me Out

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me Out”

Dead Body Fall – Splatter

Dead Body Falling with Blood Splatter

Small Child Screaming

Small Child Screaming

Laugh From Thriller

Vincent Price’s Scary “Thriller” Laugh

Child Lullaby Music Box

Child’s Lullaby Music Box

Horror Movie String

Scary Movie Climax Sound

Heartbeat Speed Increase

A Heartbeat Increasing in Speed

Scary Movie Scene Stinger

Scary Movie Stinger

Suspense Chord

Suspenseful Orchestra Chord


Theatric Suspenseful / Drama Sound