Sounds Tagged ‘Movie’

Close Encounters Tones

Close Encounters Alien Sound

Elf – Very Long Burp

12 Second Long Burp

Scary Psycho Stab

Psycho Stab “Shriek Shriek Shriek Shriek”

16mm Film Movie Projector

12 Seconds of a 16mm Film Movie Projector

Big Room Drum

Large Cinematic Drum Hit – Boom!

Cinematic Movie Boom

Movie Trailer Style Boom Sound

Austin Powers Yeah Baby

Austin Powers saying “Yeah Baby”

Kill Bill Drama Sound

The “Kill Bill” Movie Fight Drama Sound

Scary Movie Stinger

Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Horror Movie Stinger

Scary Horror Movie Stinger Sound

Movie Trailer Boom

Rise & Fall Cinematic Movie Trailer Style BOOM

Cinematic Rising Stinger

Rising Stinger / Stab Sound – Startling Sound In Movie

Rocky Theme Song

Remake of “Eye of the Tiger” – Rocky Theme Song

Fake Computer Sounds

Fake Sounds of Computers – Computing

Kung Pow Lot of Nuts

“That’s a Lot of Nuts”

Scarface – Say Hello

Scarface – “Say Hello to my Little Friend”

Blooper Reel Beep

Short Beep Sound heard between videos in a Blooper Reel

The Godfather Theme Song

The Godfather Theme Song