Sounds Tagged ‘Halloween’

Evil Laugh

Evil Laughing Sound

Squeaky Old Door Opening

Squeaky Old Door Opening

Dungeon Water Dripping

Sounds from a Dungeon / Cave

Ghoul Laughing

Halloween Ghoul Creepy Laughing

Halloween – Trick or Treat

Children saying “Trick Or Treat”

Monster In Chains

A Snarling Monster in Chains

Scary Voice – Let Me In

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me In”

Scary Voice – Let Me Out

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me Out”

Blunt Impact with Splatter

Blunt Force Trauma with Blood Splatter

Dead Body Fall – Splatter

Dead Body Falling with Blood Splatter

Clock Strikes Midnight

Grandfather Clock Striking Midnight

Small Child Screaming

Small Child Screaming

Screaming Cat

Single Sound of a Cat Screaming

Screaming Man

Man Screaming “Aaaah!”

Guy Yelling in Fear

A Guy Scared and Yelling in Fear

Laugh From Thriller

Vincent Price’s Scary “Thriller” Laugh

Monster Roaring

Scary Monster Roaring

Shovel Digging Dirt

20 Second Loop of Shovel Digging Dirt

Shoveling Gravel

Shoveling Gravel and Shells

Woman Screaming in Fear

Woman Screaming in Fear

Boiling Water

Boiling Water – Witches Cauldron (30 Seconds)

Buzzsaw Chainsaw

Chainsaw Running and Cutting Wood

TV White Noise – Static

White Noise Static From Television

TV Beep – Please Stand By

Please Stand By – TV Test Tone – Long Beep Sound