Sounds Tagged ‘drink’

Cork Popping

Cork Popping on Champagne or Wine Bottle

Simpsons Burp

Burping / Belching Sound


Long Burp Sound Effect


Belching sound effect

Throaty Burp

A throaty sounding burp

Double Airy Burp

Double the burp, double the fun!

Long Throaty Burp

Compliments to the chef! Burp!

Average Burp

An average sounding burp

Deep Monster Burp

Very deep voiced burp that sounds like a monster

Long Burp

A relatively long burp

Gross Burp

A very gross sounding throaty burp

Man Burping

Sound of a Man burping

Beer Burp

A short beer burp

Airy Burp

A very airy burp sound

Growling Burp

Deep Growling Burp Sound

Elf – Very Long Burp

12 Second Long Burp

Cork Popping

Cork Popping Sound on a Champagne Bottle

Wine Bottle Opening

Sound Effect of a Wine Bottle / Jug Opening

Soda Can Pop Top

Carbonated Beverage in can being Opened

Throat Gulp

Gulping or Swallowing Sound from Throat