Sounds Tagged ‘boom’

44 Magnum

1 Single Shot from .44 Magnum Handgun

Lo-Fi Bomb Explosion

Cheesy Bomb Explosion

357 Magnum

Thunder Crashing

A Single Crash of Thunder

50 Caliber Gun

A single .50 Caliber Gun Shot w/ shell dropping


Semi-Large Explosion Sound Effect

Cannon Shooting Boom

Cannon Shot – Big Boom

Big Room Drum

Large Cinematic Drum Hit – Boom!

Cinematic Movie Boom

Movie Trailer Style Boom Sound

Grenade Explosion

Grenade Explosion “Boom”

Gunfire – FN P90

3 Shots from an FN P90

Barrett 50 Caliber Gun Shot

Single Shot from a Barrett .50 Caliber Rifle

Barrett 50 Caliber Cocking

Cocking Sound from Barret .50 Caliber Rifle

Explosion With Glass

Big Booming Explosion with Glass Falling

Movie Trailer Boom

Rise & Fall Cinematic Movie Trailer Style BOOM

Molotov Cocktail Explosion

Molotov Cocktail Flies by with Explosion – “Whoosh Boom!”

Distant Explosion

A Very Distant Explosion

Nuclear Bomb Explosion

Nuclear or Atomic Bomb