The "Sports" Category

Sound Effects related to various Sports and Physical Activities.

Baseball Hit

Bat Hitting Ball

Baseball Bat Hit

Baseball Bat Hitting a Baseball

Baseball Hit with Cheer

Baseball Being Hit and Crowd Cheering

Baseball Crowd

Crowd Cheering in Baseball Game

Metal Baseball Softball Bat

Metallic Baseball Bat “clink”

Wooden Baseball Bat

Wooden Baseball Bat “crack!”

Charge Cavalry Horn

Horn Honking the “Charge” Tune

Crowd Screaming Charge

Small Crowd Screaming “Charge!”

Take Me Out 2 The Ball Game

The Complete Instrumental Version of Song

Brett Favre Armadillo

Brett Favre Chasing Shooting an Armadillo

Poker Card Shuffle

Sound of Poker Cards being shuffled

Poker Chips

A Bag of Poker Chips being set down

Plastic Poker Chips

Plastic Poker Chips

Dealing Poker Cards

Poker Dealer flipping multiple Cards Down

Poker Chips Pile

Poker Chips dropping into small pile

Poker Chips Stacking

Stacking Poker Chips into a Column

Fishing Pole Cast – Splash

Casting a Fishing Pole with Splash

Referee Whistle

Referee Blowing Whistle in Sports Game