The "Sports" Category

Sound Effects related to various Sports and Physical Activities.


Swoosh / Whoosh Sound Effect


Short Swooshing Sound Effect

Flyby Swoosh

Flyby Swoosh Sound Effect


Short Woosh Sound Effect

Bowling Pins

Bowling Pins Being Knocked Down

Golf Ball Falling In Hole

Sound Effect of a Golf Ball Falling Into A Hole

Golf Club Swing

Golf Club Swinging Sound Effect

Golf Ball Hit

Sound Effect of a Golf Ball Being Hit

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Michael Buffer saying “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”

Golfer Screaming Fore

A Golfer Screaming “Fore!”

Vuvuzela Horn

Single Tone of a Vuvuzela Horn

Applause – Large Crowd

Large Crowd Applause

Large Crowd Boo

Large Crowd Booing

Bowling Ball Rolling

Bowling Ball in Alley – No Impact

Bowling Ball & Pins

Bowling Ball Rolling & Hitting Pins

Bowling Strike

Bowling Ball Rolling and Impacting Pins

Bowling Pins Falling

Bowling Pins Falling Down

Bowling Pins Strike

Bowling Pins Falling for Strike

Bowling Ball Miss

Bowling Ball Missing the Pins

Basketball Backboard

Basketball Rebounding off Backboard

Basketball Bounce

Single Bounce Sound of a Basketball

Basketball Dribbling

Basketball Dribbling – 4 Bounces

Playing Basketball

Basketball Game Sounds

Basketball Net Swish

Basketball Going Through Net – Swish