The "All" Category

This category contains ALL of the samples available on SoundFXNow within one long list.
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Baby Crying

A Baby Crying


Cartoon “Bonk!”

Bonk Cartoon

Cartoon “Bonk” Sound

Wrong Answer Buzzer 1

GameShow Buzzer – Loser / Wrong

Wrong Answer Buzzer 2

GameShow Buzzer – Loser / Wrong

GameShow Ringer

Family Feud Ringer Sound Effect

GameShow Bell

Family Feud Bell Sound Effect

GameShow Blip

Family Feud Blip Sound Effect

GameShow Buzzer 1

Family Feud Buzzer – 3 Short Buzzes

GameShow Buzzer 2

Family Feud Buzzer Sound Effect

GameShow Buzzer 3

Family Feud Buzzer Sound Effect

Lo-Fi Bomb Explosion

Cheesy Bomb Explosion

Crickets Chirping

Typical lo-fi sound effect of crickets chirping

The More You Know

” The More You Know ” NBC Public Service Campaign Theme Song

Jeopardy Daily Double

Jeopardy’s Daily Double Sound Effect

Jeopardy Board Fill


Jeopardy Time Counter


Jeopardy Round End


Jeopardy Ring In


Jeopardy Logo Swoosh


Jeopardy Final Reveal


357 Magnum

AK-47 Machine Gun

Low-quality Auto-fire from AK-47

Flying Arrow Boing