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Inspiration for the creation of this short comedy skit came from an event on July of 2010 – Article Via USAToday

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress has revealed an inside look at what Brett Favre does at his Mississippi ranch.

Childress recently visited Favre at his home in part to gauge if the quarterback intends to return to the team this season. He said Favre, his wife Deanna and agent Bus Cook entertained him with a meal and funny stories during his visit. But it was an encounter with a critter they had on the way back from dinner that left a lasting impression.

The group came upon an armadillo, a creature that apparently is a nemesis to Favre. Childress explained, via the St. Paul Pioneer-Press:

“We come back through the gate (at Favre’s ranch.) Deanna is in the back seat. I’m in the front seat. Brett’s driving. We start to slow down on the driveway. I go, ‘What the hell is that?’ This thing kind of shows up and looks like it’s going to hit the car. Brett goes, ‘It’s an armadillo.’ ”

Favre explained to Childress that armadillos tear up his lawn, so the Vikings QB launched into attack mode:

“Now he’s accelerated the car toward the house and he says, ‘I’m going to get that SOB. I thought I got rid of him. They eat grubs. Just tear the heck out of the grass.’

“He lets Deanna out of the car. We jump in his truck. He’s got two guns in the back seat of his truck. We go back down the road to find the thing. He pulls out a flashlight. It’s like a police flashlight. I say, ‘That much light comes out of that flashlight?’

“He’s looking over here, over there. We look over and now it’s crossed the creek and coming over the road. He grabs his gun and goes, “Boom, boom, boom.” Then he goes, ‘Goshdangit.’ Now he’s thinking about whether to set a trap. Now he’s got the armadillo in his head.”

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