The "Most Popular Sound FX" Category

A category containing the most popularly played sound effects from within all other categories of the site.

Censored Beep

Kill that BAD WORD with a Censored Beep!

Whip Cracking

A whip swoosh and cracking sound

Squeaky Duck Toy

2 Squeezes of a Squeaky Duck Toy

Vuvuzela Horn

Single Tone of a Vuvuzela Horn

Big Room Drum

Large Cinematic Drum Hit – Boom!

Party Horn Honk

Small Party Horn Honk

Cinematic Movie Boom

Movie Trailer Style Boom Sound

Record Scratch Damage

Abrupt Record Scratch “Riiiiiiip!”

Bow Chicka Bow Bow

“Bow Chicka Bow Bow”

Smack Punch

Punch / Smacking Sound

Benny Hill Theme Song

Yakety Sax – The Benny Hill Theme Song (1 Minute Long)

Loser Horn

A Muted Trumpet “Wha Wha Wha Whaaa”

DJ Record Backspin

DJ Backspin of a Vinyl Record

Epic Fail Deep Voice

A Deep and Powerful Voice saying “Epic Fail”

Teeth Chomp – Cartoon

Cartoon Sound Effect – Teeth Chomping

Throat Gulp

Gulping or Swallowing Sound from Throat

School Bell Long

Long Ring from a School Bell

Toilet Flushing

Flushing a Toilet

Blooper Reel Beep

Short Beep Sound heard between videos in a Blooper Reel

Reggae Air Horn

Reggae Air Horn

News Bulletin

Breaking News Bulletin Sound

Crack the Whip

Sound of a Bull Whip Crack

Chewbacca Growl

Chewbacca Growling