The "Most Popular Sound FX" Category

A category containing the most popularly played sound effects from within all other categories of the site.

Camera Shutter 1

Single shot of Film Camera Shutter

Sad Trombone Wah Wah

Sad Trombone – “Wah Wah Wah Waaah”

Warpy Boing

A warpy warbly “boing” cartoon sound

Dream Harp

Dream Harp Sound

Boxing Bell Ding

Boxing Bell Ding Sound Effect

Shiny Ding

Shiny Ding Sound

The Price Is Right Loser

The Price is Right Horns

Cash Register – Ching!

Cash Register Bell Ching

Coo Coo Clock

Ding! Coo Coo!

Crickets Chirping

Typical lo-fi sound effect of crickets chirping

The More You Know

” The More You Know ” NBC Public Service Campaign Theme Song

Pacman Die

Sound of Pacman Dieing

Old Movie Drama

The Big Reveal Sound Effect “Duh Duh Duhhhh”

CSI – Epic One Liner

When Horatio Caine says a catchy / Epic One Liner in “CSI Miami”



Hand Punch Sound Effect

Ed McMahon – Hiyoooo

Wheel Of Fortune Bankrupt

The Bankrupt whistle sound on Wheel of Fortune Gameshow

Turkey Gobble

A turkey gobbling sound effect

Drumroll – Timpani Drum

Big Timpani drum Drumroll

Super Mario Brothers Die

Sound of Mario Dieing on Super Mario Brothers

Long Throaty Burp

Compliments to the chef! Burp!

Comedy Rimshot

A quick Comedy Rimshot

Wolf Whistle

Wolf Whistle