The "Nature Sound Effects" Category

Sounds heard in Nature and Natural Settings

Crickets Chirping

Typical lo-fi sound effect of crickets chirping

Thunder Crashing

A Single Crash of Thunder

River Water

Water running through a river / stream

Wind Blowing

Sound Effect of a Breezy Wind Blowing

Nasty Slimy Squishy

Squishy Slimy Gross Sound

Hawk Screaming

Hawk / Eagle Scream

Bird – Cardinal

Cardinal Bird Chirping

Thunder and Rain

Thunder Crashing in Rain Storm (1min 9sec)

Heavy Wind

Very Windy Sound – Blizzard

Frogs In Swamp

Many Frogs Croaking in a Swamp

Heavy Rain Storm

Recording of Heavy Rainfall

Fire Burning

A Large, Deep Roaring Fire

Underwater Bubbles

Sound of bubbles rising recorded from underwater