The "Music Production" Category

Samples used for Music Production – Drum Samples, Snare Drums, Hand Claps, Bass Drums, Congas, Bongos, Cymbals, Hi-Hats, Percussion Sounds, One-Shot Vocal Samples, DJ Scratch Samples, and MUCH More.

Record Scratch Damage

Abrupt Record Scratch “Riiiiiiip!”

DJ Record Scratch

DJ Record Scratching Sound “Break”

DJ Scratching Record

DJ Scratching a Record

HipHop Hey

HipHop “Hey”

Dirty South Hey

Dirty South HipHop “Hey” Sample

Record Scratching by DJ

Quick record scratching sound by a DJ

Clappy Snare Drum

Hand Clap style Snare Drum

Snappy Snare Drum

Snappy sounding Snare Drum Sample

909 Snare Drum

909 Snare Drum Sample