The "Machine & Technology" Category

Sound Effects of Various Machinery, Gadgets, Technology, Computers, and Hardware style objects.

Fake Computer Sounds

Fake Sounds of Computers – Computing

Cessna Airplane Flyby

Flyby from a Cessna Propeller Plane

Car Sunroof Open Close

Car Sunroof Opening and Closing

Car Crash with Skid

Car Skidding Tires and Crashing

Police Radio Chatter

Short Conversation on Police Radio

School Bell Short

Short Ring from a School Bell

School Bell Long

Long Ring from a School Bell

Church Bell Ringing

8 Tolls of a Church Bell

Universal Telephone Ring

Telephone Ringing

Sputnik Satellite Beeping

Sputnik Satellite Beeping Sound

Generator Motor Running

Gas Powered Generator Running

Phone Calling Tone

Ringing tone heard by Caller when Calling someone

Teletype Machine

Sound of an Old Teletype Machine Running

Lighter Spark

Sparking a Lighter

Garage Door Opening

Electric Garage Door Opening

Fishing Reel Winding

Fishing Reel Winding In