The "Machine & Technology" Category

Sound Effects of Various Machinery, Gadgets, Technology, Computers, and Hardware style objects.

Dot Matrix Printer

Dot Matrix Printer Printing

Old Printer

Sound Effect of an Old Dot Matrix Printer Printing

Camera Flash

Electric / Battery Powered Camera Flash Sound Effect

16mm Film Movie Projector

12 Seconds of a 16mm Film Movie Projector

Radio Tuning

A Radio Quickly Tuning Through Various Stations

Morse Code Beeps

Morse Code Beeping Sounds

Aircraft Alarm Beep

Aircraft Warning Beeps

Airplane Seat Belt Chime

Airplane Seat Belt Chime Sound

Blacksmith Anvil Hit

2 Hits on an Anvil “Clink Clink”

Slot Machine with Payout

Slot Machine Sounds

Helicopter Startup

Helicopter Starting

Pneumatic Drill

Pneumatic Drill – “Clank Clank Clank Clank”

Electric Table Saw

Table Saw Running and Turning Off

Adding Machine Calculator

Electronic Adding Machine as it Prints

Electric Drill

Electric Drill Start & Stop

Dial Tone

Dial Tone on a Telephone

Elevator Bell

Ding from an Elevator

Electric Bench Grinder Wheel

Bench Grinder Wheel Grinding Metal

Reeling Fishing Reel

Sound of a small fishing pole reel

Buzzsaw Chainsaw

Chainsaw Running and Cutting Wood

TV White Noise – Static

White Noise Static From Television

TV Beep – Please Stand By

Please Stand By – TV Test Tone – Long Beep Sound

Child Lullaby Music Box

Child’s Lullaby Music Box

Child’s Music Box

Child’s Music Box – Winding and Playing