The "Machine & Technology" Category

Sound Effects of Various Machinery, Gadgets, Technology, Computers, and Hardware style objects.

Camera Shutter 1

Single shot of Film Camera Shutter

Camera Shutter 2

Film Camera Shutter Clicking 5x Paparazzi Style!

Electricity Pulsating

Electricity Buzzing and Pulsating

Electricity Sound

Electricity Humming

You’ve Got Mail AOL

AOL “You’ve Got Mail”


Electricity 2

Electricity 3

Electricity 4

Electricity 5

Submarine Dive Alarm

Submarine diving alarm

Digital Alarm Clock Beeping

Digital alarm clock beeping (15 seconds)

Smoke Detector Alarm Beep

A Beeping Smoke Detector Alarm

Cash Register

Cash Register Sound Effect

Revving Chainsaw

A chainsaw revving up

Alarm Clock Bell

An Analog Alarm Clock Bell Ringing

Grandfather Clock Bell Toll

Grandfather Clock Bell Tolling / Alarm Sound

Submarine Dive Horn

4 Tones of a Submarine Dive Horn

Railroad Crossing Bell

Approaching Train Crossing Bell

Camera Shutter Click

3 Clicks of a Film Camera Shutter

Film Camera Click

Single Shot of a Film Camera Shutter Click

Airplane Chime Ding Dong

“Ding Dong” Sound in Commercial Airplanes

Electric Typewriter

Letter Being Typed on an Electric Typewriter

Dentist Drill

The Dreaded Dentist Drill Sound Effect