The "Internet Memes" Category

Sounds and Audio Bytes from various Internet Memes and Viral Videos

Shoop Da Whoop

Shoop Da Whoop saying “I’m firin’ my lazer”

Dr. Octagonapus – Lazer

“Dr. Octagonapus Blaaaaaa”

The Most Interesting Man

“The Most Interesting Man in the World”

Silent Library – Failure

“That was a failure of Epic Proportions, UNACCEPTABLE!”

Kung Pow Lot of Nuts

“That’s a Lot of Nuts”

Charlie Sheen 001

Charlie Sheen: “Look at me… Duh!”

Charlie Sheen 002

Charlie Sheen: “I am on a drug, It’s called Charlie Sheen!”

Charlie Sheen 003

Charlie Sheen: “Winning!”

Charlie Sheen 004

Charlie Sheen: “I’m Bi Winning”

Charlie Sheen 005

Charlie Sheen: “Welp it looks like the show’s been cancelled Again”

Charlie Sheen 006

Charlie Sheen: “My Thing is F**king Gold…”

Charlie Sheen 007

Charlie Sheen: “I know I’m better Solo. I Invented Solo…”

Charlie Sheen 009

Charlie Sheen: “… we are in the cyber-pocket of Greatness”

Charlie Sheen 010

Charlie Sheen: “… I’m just going to marry a Tree!”

Charlie Sheen 011

Charlie Sheen: “I’ll be over here just… WAITING!”

Charlie Sheen Winning

Charlie Sheen: “Winning!”

Charlie Sheen 013

Charlie Sheen: “What’s not to love, it’s my life… Winning!”

Charlie Sheen 014

Charlie Sheen: “Winner winner Sheen Dinner!”

Charlie Sheen 015

Charlie Sheen: “Everybody Wins!”

Charlie Sheen 016

Charlie Sheen: “You Judge Me… Winning!”

Charlie Sheen 017

Charlie Sheen: “I’ll allow my … Tiger Blood to be Extracted”

Charlie Sheen 018

Charlie Sheen: “… I was banging 7 gram rocks and finishing them…”

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood

Charlie Sheen: “I got Tiger Blood Man!”

Charlie Sheen Pee Test

Charlie Sheen: “Here’s your first pee test…”