The "Human Sounds" Category

Various sounds a human or group of humans may make including crowd sounds and bodily sounds.

Large Crowd Boo

Large Crowd Booing

Small Crowd Boo

Booing from a Small Crowd

Boo From Small Crowd

Booing from Small Crowd

Boo Hiss

Booing and Hissing from Small Crowd

Boo Fail

Booing from small group

Crowd Cheering

Large Crowd Cheer with Air Horn

Cheer Crowd of Girls

Girls in Crowd Cheering

Small Crowd Cheering

Small Crowd Cheering “Yaaay”

Children Cheer Applause

Children Clapping and Cheering “Yaay”

Small Crowd Laughing

Small Crowd Laughing

Punch Fight

Single Hit of a Fist Punch

Hand Slap Face

Hand Slapping a Face “Whack!”

YeeHaw Crowd

A Small Crowd Screaming “Yee Haw”

Male Sneezing

Sneezing from a Male

Crazy Laugh

Crazy Man Laughing

Crowd Screaming Surprise

Small Crowd Screaming “Surprise”

Crowd Screaming Charge

Small Crowd Screaming “Charge!”

Laugh Track

Studio Laugh Track


Short Kissing Sound

Nervous Throat Gulp

A Throat Gulping “Gunk”

Baby Sneezing

1 Short Sneeze from a Baby Child

Evil Laugh

Evil Laughing Sound

The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm Scream Sound Effect

Footsteps On Rocks

Human Footsteps on Small Rocks