The "Human Sounds" Category

Various sounds a human or group of humans may make including crowd sounds and bodily sounds.

Fart – Wall Shaker

A Big and Loud Fart

Fart – The Dog Did It

A Short Airy Fart Sound Effect

Fart – The One-Man-Band

Choppy, Multi-tonal fart

Fart – Early Riser

Rising Fart Sound Effect

Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth Sound Effect

Baby Crying

10 Seconds of a Baby Crying

Crying Baby

Vocalized Baby Crying Sound Recording

Medium Crowd Boo

Medium Sized Crowd Booing

Female Screaming

Female Screaming Sound Effect


Heartbeat Sound Effect

Heart Beating

Sound Effect of a Heart Beating

Heart Beat

Sound Effect of a Heart Beat

Gasp – Small Crowd

Very Small Crowd of People Gasping

Heavenly Choir

Heavenly Choir Voices

Male Laughing

One Male Laughing

Applause – Large Crowd

Large Crowd Applause

Large Crowd Applause

Applause from Large Crowd – Indoors

Crowd Clapping

Medium-Sized Crowd Clapping

Applause – Medium Crowd

Medium-sized Crowd Applause

Medium Size Crowd Clap

Clapping from a Medium Sized Crowd

Small Crowd Applause

Applause from a Small Crowd

Hands Clapping

Small Group – Hands Clapping

Clapping Hands

Clapping Hands from Small Group

Hand Claps

Hand Claps from a Small Group