The "Holiday and Festive" Category

Sound Effects related to various holidays, and partying atmospheres.

Turkey SFX

Turkey Gobble Sound

Christmas Sleigh Bells

Sound of Christmas Sleigh Bells Ringing

Jingle Bells Ringing

Jingle Bells Ringing Rhythmically

Christmas Jingle Bells

Christmas Jingle Bells Ringing

Large Fireworks

Fireworks Explosions and Whistling

Heavenly Choir

Heavenly Choir Voices

Fireworks Small

A small display of fireworks

Wedding March Song

Wedding March (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) 16 Sec Excerpt

Evil Laugh

Evil Laughing Sound

Witch Cackle

Laugh from an Evil Witch

Ghost In Chains

Ghost or Monster in Chains

Ghoul Laughing

Halloween Ghoul Creepy Laughing

Halloween – Trick or Treat

Children saying “Trick Or Treat”

Monster In Chains

A Snarling Monster in Chains

Scary Voice – Let Me In

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me In”

Scary Voice – Let Me Out

Scary Voice Saying “Let Me Out”

Blunt Impact with Splatter

Blunt Force Trauma with Blood Splatter

Dead Body Fall – Splatter

Dead Body Falling with Blood Splatter

Monster Roaring

Scary Monster Roaring

Church Bell Ringing

8 Tolls of a Church Bell

Balloon Pop

Balloon Exploding

Santa Ho Ho

Santa “Ho ho ho ho ho”