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For a donation, you get a single .ZIP file that contains ALL of the samples currently featured on the SoundFXNow website in higher quality .WAV format (instead MP3′s)! Once you send your donation, you will receive an email within seconds that provides a link to download the samples. That’s it! It seriously couldn’t be any easier!

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Hello Everyone!

First of all, thank you for stopping by SoundFXNow! I hope you are enjoying the site! Although I haven’t had any issues, I wanted to mention something of potential concern.

Please consider this donation a returned gift that gives you access to a bunch of Sound Effect Samples quickly and conveniently! I maintain this site as a passion, NOT as a profiting venture. The occasional donation doesn’t pay my personal bills, nor buy me a coffee. (Admittedly, I only average about 1 or 2 donations per week) In fact, the site is a drain on my pocket! I am very actively pursuing new developments and features for this site. For this I hire an awesome freelance web developer. There is also the fact that this site continues to grow exponentially in popularity, therefore elevating hosting/bandwidth costs.

I DO NOT own all the samples on this site. Although many sounds I did record myself, most are samples that were found in locations freely available by scouring the web over the last 13 years. Royalty Free, Creative Commons, or otherwise found freely on various websites over the years. I just feel it is great to have a location where all these samples are available in ONE place, QUICKLY Found, and EASILY Played… Hence “Sound FX NOW”… The name of this site! (I do not in any way supply any assurance of these samples being within public domain. Please use common sense if using them in any commercial means.)

As you may know, you can download each sample individually within each sample’s detail page. Therefore, please do not think I am SELLING these samples! I am accepting your donations for the convenience of saving you time by getting all of the samples instantly in one lump download after a small donation that helps to support the incredible bandwidth costs of this site & service! It’s in the Terrabytes of total bandwidth monthly, and growing!

Thank you for your help! It all goes towards further developing this site and expanding the infrastructure that runs it! A true labor of love!

Want to help?
Linking to us in Blog posts, Forums, on Social Networks and other places continues to be our best way of spreading the news of such a great resource for Sound Effect fans! Mention on Facebook… Tweet about us… Write a blog post about the site, or even linking to an individual sound… Whatever you can think of!!

Thank you for stopping by and/or considering a donation! If you DO donate… You totally rock! If you don’t… You STILL totally rock! Just tell a friend! ;-)

Mike Johnson
St. Petersburg, Florida (USA)

Thank You For Your Help!