The "Animal Sound Effects" Category

Various animal calls, fights, and other animal sound effects


Sheep “Baaah”

Cow Moo

A Cow Mooing

Donkey HeeHaw

Donkey Making Hee Haww Sound


A Dolphin / Porpoise

Big Mad Cat

Angry Bobcat

Wolf Howling

Wolf Howling in Night

Wolf Howling at Night

Lion Roar

Dolphin 2

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear Growl

Mid size Dog Barking

Mid-sized Dog Barking

Large Dog Barking

1 Bark from a Large Dog

Small Dog Barking

Sound of a Small Dog Barking

Little Dog Barking

Sound of a Little Dog Barking

Aligator Growling

Baby Aligator

Rattle Snake

Tail rattling from an angry or threatened Rattle Snake



Elephant 2


Bird Chirping